Ladyprenuer Series with Deyo

Have you ever had an experience and felt the urge to reach out and share so bad, just to ensure others don’t go make all the mistakes you made? WELL, THAT WAS WHAT BIRTHED THE LADYPRENEUR SERIES ***and the fact that I like to gist ***

I have always been determined to run my own business, and with a day job, it hasn’t exactly been a walk in the park.  Knowing that I still have a lot of room to build and improve on my business before I can be qualified to share, I decided to seek out successful and thriving woman in business. Forget the myth of women not supporting each other, they were all very willing to share their journey, their struggles and mistakes made and how they seized opportunities when others didn’t recognize it.

The goal of this series is to inspire and encourage all ladies in business and give them an opportunity to learn from the successful veterans and other thriving ladypreneurs.

So I am very excited to introduce to you, the first set of Ladypreneurs who were gracious enough to share a “couch” with me. These ladies were intentionally chosen from different spheres of business and at different levels of their success story. Believe me; you will relate with at least one if not all of them.


  • Banke Meshida Lawal – CEO BMPro
  • Damilola Oke (Msmodish) of Fierce & Modish LTD
  • Zainab Opeloye – Creative Director of Tosho Woods
  • Chidinma LaPearl Ogbulu of Maison La Pearl
  • Elaine Shobanjo – Owner of Shomya

I will be posting an interview every Monday so watch this space for the first one.

Who do you think is coming to your screen first?


16 thoughts on “Ladyprenuer Series with Deyo”

  1. Great concept!…Learning frm pple wit first-hand experience is actually priceless. Can’t wait to read the first interview. I think Chidinma will be coming up first!…Cheers

    1. Thanks Dapo,

      Spot on, totally priceless, we can’t wait to share the first interview as well.
      Please make allowance for Data, its a video interview. We will however transcribe the interview and put it up a few days after the video is posted on Monday.

      Thanks for dropping by “fellow ex-elephant”

  2. Wow Deyo this is just the beginning. I wasn’t expecting less? .Bigger and better you i pray?
    Keep your head up high

  3. The fact that one would take learning points from these people’s experiences makes the whole concept beautiful and interesting. Thumbs up Deyo.

  4. Nice concept. Mini autobiography in the making……. i cant wait. Keep it coming Deyo, more grease to your elbow (the old saying)

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