Ladypreneur Interview With Zainab Opeloye- Creative Director of Tosho Woods Part 1

Team Tosho Woods, where you at?

Most of you actually know the brand, but how many of you know the amiable personalty behind that brand?

We bring you Zainab Opeloye the creative director of Tosho Woods, who has fought tooth, nail, sweat and tears to get the brand where it is today. Most people never know about the struggles and let you believe only the glam you see today, unlike such people, she’s out to share her journey so you can learn and know what to expect when starting your business.


Author: Moradeyo Wola-Oyesoro

Deyodee is a Finance Analyst by day, business woman by noon and an aspiring writer by night. She has a thing for inspiring and grooming young ladies in business. To get a front row seat to whats going on with her, follow her on instagram @deyodee