Hey guys,

This is an interactive post. So you know the way we have Monday locked down as a day for posting Ladypreneur interviews, I was thinking of introducing a few  more articles that will be posted on specific days of the week.


The first newbie is the “Things I wish I was told” series. This will be posted every Friday night, so if faaji Friday  is too much, you can catch up and read/watch on Saturday mornings while lounging on your bed.

I actually have like a list of things I wish I was told, starting from Dating, to working, pregnancy, motherhood, marriage and so on, and I will be sharing my opinion and that of a few people I get to interview on each of these every Friday. So here is where you come in. Do you also wish you were told certain things about a particular stage in your life before you had the experience slap you smack on the face? Well share with me so we can make it a topic one of these Fridays.

Looking forward to your comments,…

Author: Moradeyo Wola-Oyesoro

Deyodee is a Finance Analyst by day, business woman by noon and an aspiring writer by night. She has a thing for inspiring and grooming young ladies in business. To get a front row seat to whats going on with her, follow her on instagram @deyodee