Our October Woman Crush KLD

Remember my last post on juggling? Today we are shining the spotlight on our woman crush for the month of  October. A lady who has her hands full but is not deterred by her long work hours, and has still made out time to start her own business. Lets hear directly from her;

My name is Kehinde Louis-Domeih, but most people call me Kenny or Dr K…that’s because I’m a dentist.
Apart from the fact that I love working with my hands, which kind of guided my profession and makes me love and excel at my job, I also love good fragrances. Which made becoming a major perfume distributor very easy for me. Lucky for me, hubby is also an avid lover of rare and exquisite scents.
My experience in sales was very minimal until I found what I love to sell…perfumes, Arabian Oud fragrances to be precise.  They’re so unique, so exotic, so luxurious, they basically sell themselves. I can confidently say that my earnings from my business have so far exceeded what I get from paid employment, and I’ve never regretted it once.

Juggling work and business is not easy oh! Sometimes my brain is so full , i have to refresh and relax for a little bit before i dive right back in. Thankfully, this era of ease of deliveries, online payments and all, makes it easy for me not to get distracted at work. I hope someday, my business will be big enough so i can employ an assistant.

My brand- Korals and Sapphire, is a subsidiary of Sapphire scents. We scout the Middle East for rare and exotic Oud, frankincense and Myrrh scents.
Oud has been described as a royal scent, liquid gold, magic in a bottle, scent of passion, mystic, magical…so many references to the luxury the Oud denotes.
Our brand stock
-A range of Arabian Oud perfumes (EDP)
-A range of Amouage oils, including Amouage Bespoke
-Myrrh oils
-Oud incense (with electric burners)
-Oud beard oils

To get a taste of royalty via our exquisite scents, click on the link below, or check out our brand -Korals-Sapphire Scents on the House of Ravissant website.We are offering a 10% discount on all scents purchased via House of Ravissant for a week. Simply enter the coupon code KLD on check out.




Ladypreneur Interview with Msmodish

Finally, it’s Monday, and as promised, we are posting the first Ladypreneur interview. This was actually the second interview we had in the first series out of five; we decided to bring this to your screen first.

To be sincere, I wasn’t exactly thrilled by the audio quality but I decided to share it all the same, while we work on improving this as we commence shooting of series two. This is because the message and the value of this interview go beyond the aesthetics of the video or audio.


I will be posting a transcript of the video before the week runs out for people who can’t spare enough data to watch till the end. So without further ado, I present to you, Damilola Oke, popularly known as Msmodish of Fierce and Modish.

For me the major lesson learnt from this interview is to always have a plan B for my business, please watch and share with me, what you can relate with in this video as well as the most important message you can take away from the video. Okay that’s enough talk already, watch and enjoy.

Get Ready With Me – Ladyprenuer Interview

Hi Guys,

As we gear up for our first Ladypreneur Video on Monday, I decided to share one of my YouTube videos.

Those of you who know me personally know that I always record a lot of random videos, and on this day I had recorded several short clips and when I posted the last picture on this video on Instagram, it got the highest number of likes (63likes as at today). You see, I don’t really get that much likes on the Instagram page @houseofravissant so 63likes is a big deal (by now, I hope you have picked up on me hinting that you should go like pictures on my  page lol) . Anyways, I decided to share the video of me getting ready for that day, plus it was my first shot at attempting to edit a video. You won’t believe I did everything on my phone, from video recording, to editing and posting on YouTube. Most of these things are actually easier than you think; you just have to give it a shot.


And for those of you who asked, yes my outfit is from House of Ravissant, you can check it out on the homepage.


Will you like to see more get ready with me videos, behind the scenes of the interviews and bloopers? Let me know in the comment section below. Remember to subscribe to the blog so you can get first hand updates.

TGIF and have a lovely weekend.

Deyodee signing out with hugs and kisses.