Ride home With Jay

Hey guys,

Its been a while yeah?

So sorry i have been AWOL, work has been quite hectic.

Remember how i started pillow talk and i explained to you guys it was because i had to put the kids to bed before i can vlog since they always want to be featured in the video? Well i finally decided to give my son Jay some spot light.

He is one of those kids that can ask you “why” 50times per second and believe me, he always has something to say about everything. So this video is to try out if the camera loves him as much as he loves the camera.

Please watch and enjoy our ride home from work/school and please let us know if you will like to see more of Jay on camera.

Author: Moradeyo Wola-Oyesoro

Deyodee is a Finance Analyst by day, business woman by noon and an aspiring writer by night. She has a thing for inspiring and grooming young ladies in business. To get a front row seat to whats going on with her, follow her on instagram @deyodee

One thought on “Ride home With Jay”

  1. I love kids that have an openion and can express themselves. Jay the future vlogger, soon he will need his own YouTube account. Watch him win the popularity contest @Deyo. Good job guys.

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