Hey guys, so i finally decided to post my featured article on bella naija right here for you guys. And what we all know now that we didn’t know then, was that despite all the promises, no one got their money back. Quite a shame right!

Anyways, here’s the article below, read, enjoy and comment.


So we all woke up Last week Tuesday to the news of the crash of the popular Ponzi Scheme MMM (the Mavrodi Mondial Movement/Moneybox) which had been making waves in Nigeria in recent months. To be sincere, when I heard the news, I couldn’t care less. I didn’t invest in it, and I didn’t recall knowing anyone personally who did at that time until it crashed.

It is rather unfortunate though, that this news does not just want to go away. Please can you all “hush it”? The most ridiculous part of having this news being discussed at every corner I turn is that those talking about it are actually the people who are eager to say “I told you so”. I really do not understand why anybody will get stuck up on discussing and having a blast at someone else’s loss.

As much as I didn’t want to know about this, at every corner I turn, people are discussing it. I hear some people invested and lost millions.

Dear Nigerians, please take several seats, why will you be thrilled that someone lost money. It is their money, it was their decision. The Nigerian economy is in recession and frankly no one is 100% sure of the returns on whatever they invest in.


I remember like 9 years ago when I got my first job  after NYSC, it was a bank job and I saved every penny I could, and because I was not ready to lose my savings, I went for the safest option available. The Stock market! Well I don’t need to tell you how that went down. I was depressed for days before I snapped out of it.

Our currency is fluctuating like a yoyo and losing its value daily, people who import things to sell have also had losses from buying FX and their capital getting eroded daily and no one is immune to the devaluation of the naira. Even when you put your money in treasury bills and fixed deposits, the interest earned is not enough to augment the loss you have made on that money if you convert it to dollars. This piece is not written to advocate Ponzi schemes, but to let all of you “financial experts” who have turned up your nose at the “MMMers” to look into your finances first and be sure they are worth more than they did 12months ago.

I know some of you will turn this into a religious issue and say they robbed Peter to pay Paul. Well have you ever heard the term “volunti non fit injuria”- in law this means “to a willing person, injury is not done”. If Peter did not join MMM, his money would not have been given to Pay Paul.

After all said and done, my dear “MMMers” I empathize with you for the loss/freezing of your money, and as much as I am irritated by all the judgmental talk and ridicule, we need to tell ourselves some hard truth. I hope you are bracing yourself incase come January 14th nothing happens, don’t let one mistake discourage you there are lots of businesses (with actual products/service) out there you can still invest in. I am glad you all used your spare money for MMM, now dip into your pocket of “unspare” money and go invest in a business with a tangible product. Read some books about the millionaires, at some point in their journey, they made some choices that resulted into huge losses but not only did they bounce back, they learnt from that mistake, re-strategized and they are where they are today.

Make that decision today for the sake of your BP that you will go into the New Year with your mind made up, lost forever or unfrozen, you will move on and you will thrive.


Deyodee- signing out!


I have always loved the idea of putting pen to paper to express my thoughts, but with a full time job, a business to run, kids to raise and a hubby to wife,…

Did someone say excuses, excuses and more excuses?

I decided to build a website for my retail business, and the thought occurred to me to add a blog to the website.

As a child, I loved reading, I always had my head buried in one book or the other and it’s sad to see the reading culture in Nigeria dying. I visit different blogs daily and see entertaining and enlightening articles and news but after reading, the first ten comments are from people complaining about the length of the article.


So here I am, lounging on a couch, listening to the reggae version of Locked up by Adam Levine and wondering, do I really want to blog and can I make that commitment without flaking after just a couple of articles? To make this decision, I decided to try an old trick. I flipped a coin (finding the coin itself is a story for another day). Before the coin landed, I silently prayed and wished for it to land head first, so here I am!

The whole idea is to bring you some fun reads, motivational, fashion, lifestyle posts and lots of vlogs. If you thought this was going to be a strictly fashion and style blog, am glad to disappoint you.

I will love to hear from you in the comment section below about what else you will like me to blog about, please share and let’s have some fun!

Deyodee signing out,…