Ladypreneur Interview with Banke Meshida-Lawal owner of BMPro

Over 16 years ago, a young lady took her love for make-up to another level.

From her dorm room in University of Lagos, she started her professional make-up business with nothing but the content of her make up purse. Hers is a typical case of “Preparedness meets Opportunity” .

Today her brand is a top professional make-up brand in Nigeria. Her name is Banke Meshida-Lawal the owner of BMPro.
How are you preparing yourself for that opportunity to grow your business.
Watch and learn .


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Have you ever had a “bitch please” moment?

You know one of those times when someone doesn’t know your “craze” is just buffering and they “try you”, well i have had so many and i decided to share one of them with you.

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This is a rant video, feel free to disagree with me, but i just think sometimes it is better to do somethings yourself.

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Our October Woman Crush KLD

Remember my last post on juggling? Today we are shining the spotlight on our woman crush for the month of  October. A lady who has her hands full but is not deterred by her long work hours, and has still made out time to start her own business. Lets hear directly from her;

My name is Kehinde Louis-Domeih, but most people call me Kenny or Dr K…that’s because I’m a dentist.
Apart from the fact that I love working with my hands, which kind of guided my profession and makes me love and excel at my job, I also love good fragrances. Which made becoming a major perfume distributor very easy for me. Lucky for me, hubby is also an avid lover of rare and exquisite scents.
My experience in sales was very minimal until I found what I love to sell…perfumes, Arabian Oud fragrances to be precise.  They’re so unique, so exotic, so luxurious, they basically sell themselves. I can confidently say that my earnings from my business have so far exceeded what I get from paid employment, and I’ve never regretted it once.

Juggling work and business is not easy oh! Sometimes my brain is so full , i have to refresh and relax for a little bit before i dive right back in. Thankfully, this era of ease of deliveries, online payments and all, makes it easy for me not to get distracted at work. I hope someday, my business will be big enough so i can employ an assistant.

My brand- Korals and Sapphire, is a subsidiary of Sapphire scents. We scout the Middle East for rare and exotic Oud, frankincense and Myrrh scents.
Oud has been described as a royal scent, liquid gold, magic in a bottle, scent of passion, mystic, magical…so many references to the luxury the Oud denotes.
Our brand stock
-A range of Arabian Oud perfumes (EDP)
-A range of Amouage oils, including Amouage Bespoke
-Myrrh oils
-Oud incense (with electric burners)
-Oud beard oils

To get a taste of royalty via our exquisite scents, click on the link below, or check out our brand -Korals-Sapphire Scents on the House of Ravissant website.We are offering a 10% discount on all scents purchased via House of Ravissant for a week. Simply enter the coupon code KLD on check out.




Hey guys,

This is an interactive post. So you know the way we have Monday locked down as a day for posting Ladypreneur interviews, I was thinking of introducing a few  more articles that will be posted on specific days of the week.


The first newbie is the “Things I wish I was told” series. This will be posted every Friday night, so if faaji Friday  is too much, you can catch up and read/watch on Saturday mornings while lounging on your bed.

I actually have like a list of things I wish I was told, starting from Dating, to working, pregnancy, motherhood, marriage and so on, and I will be sharing my opinion and that of a few people I get to interview on each of these every Friday. So here is where you come in. Do you also wish you were told certain things about a particular stage in your life before you had the experience slap you smack on the face? Well share with me so we can make it a topic one of these Fridays.

Looking forward to your comments,…

Ladypreneur Interview With Zainab Opeloye- Creative Director of Tosho Woods Part 1

Team Tosho Woods, where you at?

Most of you actually know the brand, but how many of you know the amiable personalty behind that brand?

We bring you Zainab Opeloye the creative director of Tosho Woods, who has fought tooth, nail, sweat and tears to get the brand where it is today. Most people never know about the struggles and let you believe only the glam you see today, unlike such people, she’s out to share her journey so you can learn and know what to expect when starting your business.



It was sometime in January 2011, I was ill and assumed it was malaria again. You see, I am one of those people who get ill with malaria at least 4 times in a year even though I still wonder how , considering the fact that everyone around me never gets malaria. Like someone once said, maybe there are special mosquitoes who prefer me for lunch and never leave any bite marks. Anyway, I left my office which used to be off Alfred Rewane and headed towards Obalende to First Consultant hospital.

It was my first time at that hospital and after a few minutes of waiting at the doctor’s waiting room, I heard a voice, a feminine but strong voice coming from the corridor towards the waiting room. Every staff  around me immediately started “forming  serious” if you know what I mean, so I was quite eager to see who that voice belonged to. And there comes in a petite woman with a pleasant disposition in a white Doctor’s coverall and I watched as she walks into the Doctor’s office.

So I get called up into the doctor’s office and initially it was just like any other appointment until she sent me to the lab for some tests. On returning to her office for a review of the results, well she gave me the best news ever, I was pregnant, but that was not all she said, she gave me a lecture. Yes I said it, a proper lecture on how lucky I was as I was newly married and still under 30, and said quite a few things about not taking it for granted and prioritizing my health and the safety of the baby over everything else.

That was my first encounter with Dr Stella Adadevoh, and I really did not appreciate her style and just took it for granted (until I had another bad pregnancy experience with another doctor)

A couple of years after this, I had my second encounter with Dr Adadevoh. Being an asthmatic patient from a young age, I had often times handled my asthmatic attacks with a puff from my Ventolin inhaler, and for those few episodes that I had to go see a doctor, they just nebulize me and I get sent back home.

On this occasion however, it was different simply because the doctor on duty was none other than Doctor Stella Adadevoh. After she instructed the nurses to nebulize me, she once again called me into her office and yes, I got another lecture. This lecture made a huge difference in my life. She had taken the time to print out articles for me on recent medical breakthrough in treating asthma. She then introduced me to a different kind of inhaler which was more for preventing asthma attacks instead of treating it when it already happens. I used this for a month and “viola” I could do practically everything I was once limited to do because I was asthmatic.

Today, I can engage in High Intensity Impact Trainings , and run laps(something I had never in my life been able to do before that lecture).

When the Ebola crisis broke out and I heard about how she insisted that all protocols was followed and refused to let  Patrick Sawyer out of the hospital, I was not surprised at all.


What I saw when I met this woman was  an embodiment of what I want to be. My mother raised me never to be mediocre and instilled in me, the need to see an opportunity to make a difference anytime someone needs my help. This has nothing to do with giving money. There is so much we all have to offer but we are rather blinded by the “am too busy syndrome”


I want to inspire people and have a positive impact on everyone I come across. In Nigeria where mediocrity is the order of the day and where most people just coast along in a never ending  rat race, I  want to be remembered when I die for the impact I have had and am sure most of you want to as well.


There is so much to emulate from this woman, and as Nigeria clocks 56 today and everyone is celebrating her independence, I chose to celebrate a Hero.

Please take a minute to remember this rare gem and say a prayer for her soul.

On a final note, take a minute to listen to Beyoncé’s “I was here ” while meditating on the lyrics.

When you die, what will be the proof that you lived? What will you do???

RIP Dr Adadevoh, we truly lost an angel.