Have you ever had a “bitch please” moment?

You know one of those times when someone doesn’t know your “craze” is just buffering and they “try you”, well i have had so many and i decided to share one of them with you.

Share yours in the comment section below i know you are not saint, lol.

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Author: Moradeyo Wola-Oyesoro

Deyodee is a Finance Analyst by day, business woman by noon and an aspiring writer by night. She has a thing for inspiring and grooming young ladies in business. To get a front row seat to whats going on with her, follow her on instagram @deyodee


  1. Well i see nothing wrong with what you said to the person. You’re 100% right with the way you handled the situation. I had one experience like that once at a gas station in Lagos. I was going to buy N1000 worth of gas in my mom’s car. The silly attendant thought i wasn’t paying attention to the pump, so she sold N500 worth of gas. When she was done, i then told her i saw what you did, i said N1000. She didn’t even argue or try to make a point. She sold the remaining 500. Lucky she did cos all hell would’ve been let loose.

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